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Planned Giving

Give to MLRI — An Investment in Justice

MLRI established its Planned Giving Society to provide individuals with a variety of options to meet their philanthropic objectives while simultaneously ensuring the long-term stability of MLRI and its efforts to promote social and economic justice through education, advocacy and action.

There are many different types of planned gifts, each of which offers various financial benefits to the donor. Planned gifts include:

  • Bequests Individuals may designate a gift to MLRI in their will. The gift may be a percentage of a donor's estate, a specific dollar amount, the residual of the estate, or a certain piece of personal property. The gift reduces estate tax obligations.
  • Life Insurance Policies Naming MLRI as the beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy provides donors with an immediate charitable income tax deduction. If the policy is not paid up, this tax deduction is approximately the policy's present cash surrender value. If the donor chooses to continue paying the premiums, he/she will receive a charitable deduction(s) for the amount paid. The full face value of the policy is removed from the donorÕs taxable estate.
  • Retirement Plans Individuals at least 70 _ years of age are able to make tax-free gifts from IRA funds that would be subject to taxes if withdrawn voluntarily or withdrawn under mandatory requirements. Donors may choose to make charitable contributions in any amount up to $100,000 per year. Couples with separate IRAs can each give up to that amount.
  • Real Estate A donor may contribute real estate to MLRI outright or transfer it in a bargain sale. A donor may also make a gift of his or her residence to MLRI while retaining the right to live in the residence for the rest of his or her life. The donor receives a tax deduction at the time of the gift and when the donor dies the property goes to MLRI.
  • Contact Us MLRI's development staff will be happy to meet with you and your financial advisor to design a plan that is uniquely tailored to meet your philanthropic objectives. Please contact Jamie Gilmore, Development Director, at 617-357-0700 ext. 345 or via email at jgilmore@mlri.org.

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