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MLRI provides public officials and the media with detailed information on public policies, opportunities for reform, and insights about the hardships and inequities low-income people face.

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Victory! Statewide Expansion of Housing Court in Massachusetts!

A provision in this year's state budget, passed by the Massachusetts legislature and signed by Governor Charlie Baker on July 17, 2017, included legislative authorization for the expansion and $750,000 for expansion of the housing court to all parts of the Commonwealth. The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI), in collaboration with the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission and a diverse coalition of partners, spearheaded the housing court expansion campaign. Click here for more detail.

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) is speaking out against Governor Baker’s MassHealth Reform Proposals

The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute today raised new concerns about Governor Charlie Baker’s healthcare reform proposal, which could cut hundreds of thousands of residents off MassHealth. Earlier this week, Governor Baker presented a complex health reform bill to the budget conference committee. The proposal includes a temporary $200 million employer assessment that would be offset by a $344 million break on the assessment for unemployment insurance. Under the proposal low income parents, grandparents raising grandchildren and childless adults with incomes under the poverty level ($1,354 per month for a household of two) offered employer sponsored insurance at a monthly premium cost of $130 per month (less than 9.66 percent of income) will no longer be eligible for MassHealth and an additional 140,000 vulnerable adults with income just over the poverty level will also lose MassHealth in FY 2019. ConnectorCare may be an option for these families, but if the American Health Care Act takes effect the future of ConnectorCare in 2019 is unclear.

Here is the link to the letter MLRI submitted to members of the Legislature today addressing their concerns.

PRESS RELEASE - MLRI Statement on President Trump Budget

President Trump is proposing a budget that will have a devastating impact on poor people in Massachusetts and beyond. Draconian cuts to programs like SNAP, Medicaid, and CHIP represent the very essence of being ‘penny-wise but pound foolish’ since such programs promote public health and have a stimulative effect on the economy. Read the full Press Release here.

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